How to make it

First of all you have to choose the theme you like. I choose one from Phil Roberts, an artist, sculptor, architect, Master Painter, Surf Artist, Movie poster illustrator – in short a person who makes really wonderful master pieces. By the way, Phil, thank you once more for your permission to create one of your Hula girls from glass. I’m glad you like it.


I personally prepare two identical templates and a polystyrene table. One of the templates is fastened on the board and used as a base for the stained glass work. The second template is used for cutting into many pieces and after use put in the trash.

The most important is to choose the right color of the glass – shortly the glass you like. Everything depends only on your own imagination. I usually use Spectrum and Youghiogheny glass made in USA. (The second one is wonderful but the price is a little bit higher.) Then you need to prepare many pins to fix together the individual pieces to eliminate gaps between them. The grinned pieces of glass are wrapped in the cooper foil and fixed again by the pins. In my experience it’s better to solder pieces with the tin partly because it’s difficult for the pins to hold increasing amount of glass pieces. Never try to solder pieces along the whole sides because the tin is aging and later it’s difficult to finish the whole work.

Well, the glass is cut, grinned and the work seems to be endless. One would wish the work goes faster but unfortunately it’s like in the real life. Neither stained glass work can be rushed.

Finally there’s a heap of glass fragments and the work that caress your soul:-).

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